When an imminent leap in the dark initiates blogging

With regards to blogging, there has never been the slightest ambition, desire, or enthusiasm on my side. I still consider it ridiculous at times. It is just a personal perception indeed, but the obnoxious category of people which I like to call self-absorbed blowhards seems to be growing disproportionally in the world of weblogs. Why would I want to become part of it? Of course, I am not referring to the thousands of highly insightful blogs kept by marketing managers, filmmakers, photographers, musicians, entrepreneurs, and other professionals with some relevant knowledge in the according fields. Many bloggers share very valuable information and try to claim attention in a less pushy way. However, the truth is that blogs should not be understood as online newspapers, magazines, or similar, let’s say, web 1.0 models on professional and centralistic content creation. I studied the recent media market dynamics extensively, but I have to admit that it took me a while to sincerely accept blogs to be there for exactly the reason that anyone can start writing them. The individual motives may be diverse. I decided to give it a shot despite the latent, but still existent skepticism. My personal motive is an imminent leap in the dark.

A few months ago, I successfully completed my Master’s program in Media & Communications and Business Administration in Zurich (annotation for my international fellows with moderate geographical knowledge: yes that is Switzerland, not Sweden). As luck would have it, I won the U.S. Green Card Lottery (officially: Diversity Visa program) just after my graduation. This opens doors, at least many bureaucratic ones. The United States of America might not be the the single and only leader in the global economic system anymore. However, U.S. American business practices and management structures still have a huge influence on companies all around the planet. In order to grow personally and professionally within one of the world’s most profitable and creative marketing and media hubs, I decided to venture this radical step and move to New York City. I talked to people in that field telling me it was a tough market to get in, especially for someone coming from abroad. And especially in a time when thousands of local professionals have lost their jobs. There is no doubt about that. Nevertheless, negative estimates of a certain situation should not necessarily dilute the belief that it is usually more revealing to get an idea of this situation right on site.

Therefore, I worked on a plan that is not really a plan in fact: moving to the megacity, trying to seize opportunities, and being open for any type of progress. I am not a fan of writing personal blogs (and will never become one), yet I have set up this category called the big apple from scratch for three particular reasons: 1. To share information, opinions and experiences with people who are interested in such endeavors and related issues,  2. To establish a stable site that may be leveraged in the future to gather relevant knowledge on marketing, advertising, social media, business, and related topics, and 3. To keep my friends and family posted on my personal situation, especially the ones I won’t have extensive email or phone contact with.

My posts will be kept short and won’t be published on a regular schedule. The blog is about to be relatively footloose in the beginning, as I will be more than busy with – as the award-winning filmmaker Dan Perez recently told me – keeping on keeping it real in NYC. Nevertheless, I will be very glad to respond to any type of advice, suggestion, or question you might come up with!

See you in the city that never sleeps!


5 thoughts on “When an imminent leap in the dark initiates blogging

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  2. I think you write quite nicely, and I enjoyed your first entry. I also Blogged when I walked the Camino! Not sure if you got to read that or even know about it? 🙂
    I agree the whole blogging thing is quite amazing and terrible, depends which blogs you read. I have yet to get into reading blogs a lot more, I can barely finish the books here in my home that I want to read. I don’t know how people find the time!
    I really kept my blogs short when I did mine, but then I was in cyber cafe’s ,and it was my first so now looking back, I could have written so much more.. 😦 But I think I did ok..My only dissapointment was I am still not sure who got to read it, and I never got any feedback, you step in here 😉
    Going back to your blog, what does self-absorbed blowhards mean? It sounds funny whatever it may mean, and I think I can almost guess the meaning 🙂
    See you in The Big Apple soon,

    • I didn’t have a clue you wrote when you walked the Camino. Otherwise I would have read it back home. On the way, I tried to avoid computers as well as possible. I think there’s no reason to care about who reads your blog, or how many people read it. If you’re determined to write it, the blog already has legitimacy. Read this short post once you have time, I think it’s true: http://diyblogger.net/blogging-tips-for-new-bloggers. Lol, self-absorbed blowhards, I picked it up somewhere and liked the term. Lame showoffs who write in order to be admired. This was my picture of a typical blogger, but as I said, there are some really cool blogs out there. See you soon!

  3. Hi Mr.!

    Can’t wait to have you in the city that never sleeps indeed. It will be a great challenge that will surely be overcome by you.

    See you soon.

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