Quotes from Mad Men (Season Two)

This is a follow-up on last week’s post Overcoming Triviality of Television Series, which included quotes from the first season of Mad Men. I pointed out why this TV drama constitutes an exception on a market characterized by predominantly trivial media content (which I in fact do not want to criticize). People who are interested in television series in general should check out this recent, nicely made post by re:design, and test their knowledge: 15 Iconic TV Shows to Guess. Personally, I wasn’t really able to shine here.

These are the quotes I took down while watching Mad Men Season 2. The sequel will follow by next week.

S2/E01 (13:40): “It’s not about the majestic beauty of the Mohawk Nation. It’s about adventure. To be a pirate. It could be a knight in shining armor. It could be a conquistador getting off the boat. It’s about a fantastical people who are taking you to some place you have never been.” (Don Draper)

S2/E01 (16:24): “Tell Duck: clients don’t understand. Their success is related to standing out, not fitting in. It’s a fad. Paint you a picture, something like: one wants to be the needle in the haystack. Not the haystack.” (Don Draper)

S2/E01 (36:47): “[‘Sex sells’] says who? Just so you know: the people who talk that way think that monkeys can do this. And they take all this monkey crap, and just stick it to briefcase, completely unaware that their success depends on something more than their shoeshine. You are the product. You, feeling something. That’s what sells. Not them. Not sex. They can’t do what we do, and they hate us for it.” (Don Draper)

S2/E01 (45:08): “Now I am quietly waiting for the catastrophe of my personality to seem beautiful again, and interesting, and modern. The country is grey and brown and white in trees, snows and skies of laughter always diminishing, less funny not just darker, not just grey. It may be the coldest day of the year, what does he think of that? I mean, what do I? And if I do, perhaps I am myself again.” (Don Draper; Frank O’Hara: “Meditations in an Emergency (1957)”)

S2/E03 (32:05): “Controversy means viewers. Women will find a way to watch this, maybe just because they don’t wanna be left out. […] It’s catharsis. That’s hard to come by. What is better than tears to make a girl ready to hear she can be beautiful?” (Don Draper)

S2/E04 (30:18): “American Airlines is not about the past any more than America is. Ask not about Cuba, ask not about the bomb. We’re going to the moon. Throw everything out. […] There is no such thing as American history, only a frontier. A crash happened to somebody else. It’s not about apologies for what happened. It’s about those seven men in the room on Friday and what airline they’re going to be running. […] Let’s pretend we know what 1963 looks like.” (Don Draper)

S2/E04 (39:01): “Don’t you love the chase? Sometimes it doesn’t work out. It’s at the stakes. But if it does work out: it’s like having that first cigarette. Head gets all dizzy, your heart pounds, knees go week. Remember that? Old business is just old business.” (Roger Sterling)

S2/E05 (09:31): “This is America. Pick a job and then become the person that does it.” (Bobbie Barrett)

S2/E05 (29:46): “I’ll tell you the same thing I told my daughter: if you put a penny in a jar every time you make love in the first year of marriage, and then you take a penny out of the jar every time you make love in the second year, you know what you have? A jar full of pennies.” (Roger Sterling)

S2/E10 (41:21): “Advertising, if anything, helps bring on change. The market, and I’m talking in a pure Marxist sense, dictates that we must include everyone. Consumer has no color.” (Paul Kinsey)

S2/E12 (17:12): “I don’t know. I have been watching my life. It’s right there. I keep scratching and I’m trying to get into it. I can’t.” (Don Draper)

S2/E13 (34:56): “Well, Bert, when the economy is good, people buy things, and when it’s bad, they don’t. There’s no reason for us to be tied to creatives’ fantasies of persuasion.” (Herman Philips)


2 thoughts on “Quotes from Mad Men (Season Two)

  1. Hei
    Han die Serie no nie gse. DZitat tönned uf jede Fall sehr vielversprechend.
    Dis Englisch und din Blog isch Wahnsinn!

    • Danke Meischter. Ja ich finds extrem empfehlenswert, aber isch halt immer au Gschmacksach. Mich häts uf jede Fall gfesslet. Bis bald hoffentli! LG.

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