“The earth turns. But we don’t feel it move. And one night you look up. One spark. And the sky is on fire”.

While sitting here in my room and reflecting on all the happenings of the past few months, this quote from an awesome Scorsese movie crossed my mind. The Armenian vodka within my bloodstream (my roommate got back from his 2-month vacation in his home country – having welcome drinks: obvious) might have something to do with it, but it does not change the absurdity of the fact that time has been passing by with the speed of light. It has been almost seven weeks since I contributed to this website. In two and a half days, it will be exactly half a year since I got to New York City. It has been one year since my graduation. (OMG, and it has been already one week since last week!) All these facts are hard to believe from a personal perspective. Taking a step back at this point to realize what has been going on is mind-blowing.

One month ago, I started to work for a digital marketing agency in the heart of Manhattan. It is the final chapter of a long series of efforts to get into the very specific field I have always been the most interested in as a recent graduate: Web Analytics. I could not have found a better opportunity to learn everything about it. Getting to this point was tough, not least because it was linked to some difficult personal decisions and agonizing waits for decisions from other instances. In retrospect, I often tend to believe that I made a couple of great decisions that were accompanied by a good deal of luck. This theory is misleading though. After some thorough thinking, I came to the conclusion that there is no such thing as right and wrong decisions. And the influence of luck can be reduced to a certain degree (taking the short-term view out of consideration).

In my opinion, there is only one single construct that leads to perceived success and personal satisfaction at the end of the day: integrity. Being honest and sincere with all the people I have dealt with so far had the greatest impact on my personal experiences and professional achievements, which are just a result that cannot be influenced directly. This applies to all areas of life. Integrity makes the assessment of every decision worthless, because that decision is based on a genuine ground. Having the ability to look into everybody’s eyes and having things straightened out with oneself is the basic element of long-term success and happiness. This is my opinion and I wish more people would follow a similar philosophy. Luck is confined to short-term success and circumstances that cannot be influenced (i.e. health or the Mega Millions jackpot). Integrity is the answer to the entire rest. I feel that this is the most valuable advice I will ever be able to share.