Quotes from Mad Men (Season Six)

S6/E01 (24:49): “What are the events in life? It’s like you see a door. The first time you come through, you say: ‘Oh, what’s on the other side of the door?’ Then you open a few doors, and then you say: ‘I think I wanna go over a bridge this time, I’m tired of doors.’ Finally you go through one of these things and you come out on the other side and you realize that’s all there are: doors and windows and bridges and gates and they all open the same way. And they all close behind you. Look, life is supposed to be a path and you go along and these things happen to you and they’re suppose to change you, change your direction. But turns out that’s not true. Turns out the experiences are nothing. They’re just some pennies you pick up off the floor, stick in your pocket and you’re just going in a straight line to you know where.” (Roger Sterling)

S6/E01 (36:52): “This couple doesn’t exist. Anything matrimonial feels Paleolithic. […] Let’s leave it where we want it. We want that electric jolt to the body. We want Eros. It’s like a drug. It’s not domestic. What’s the difference between a husband knocking on the door and a sailor getting off a ship? About 10,000 volts.” (Don Draper)

S6/E02 (22:26): “Those were three different versions of the same idea. If you can’t tell the different between which part’s the idea and which part’s the execution of the idea, you’re of no use to me. I know what you’re doing, I’ve been you, you’re hoping this sparks my imagination and then you can say ‘wow she’s a genius’ or say anything, because you wanna go home.” (Peggy Olson)

S6/E02 (25:46): “Damn it, how many times do I have to say this? I don’t feel anything. I’m just acknowledging that life, unlike this analysis, will eventually end. And somebody else will get the bill.” (Roger Sterling)

S6/E02 (37:48): “It always takes a crisis to sell work just good.” (Ted Chaough)

S6/E02 (41:18): “You get paid to think about things they don’t wanna think about. And I get paid to not think about them. People will do anything to alleviate their anxiety.” (Dr. Arnold Rosen)

S6/E03 (13:00): “Sometimes you got to dance with the one who that brought you.” (Don Draper)

S6/E03 (37:41): “Maybe you need a friend more than you need a job. I didn’t know that. I’m in advertising.” (Ted Chaough)

S6/E03 (41:56): “As my mother used to say: ‘Your options were dishonor or war. You chose dishonor. You might still get war’.” (Roger Sterling)

S6/E04 (20:22): “You know what? I’m sorry my accomplishments happened in broad daylight and I can’t be given the same rewards.” (Harry Crane)

S6/E04 (25:01): “Darling, you shouldn’t smoke so much. The weight you lose isn’t worth the wrinkles.” (Arlene)

S6/E04 (34:40): “The greatest thing you have working for you is not the photo you take or the picture you paint. It’s the imagination of the consumer. They have no budget, they have no time limit. And if you can get into that space, your ad can run all day.” (Don Draper)

S6/E06 (25:30): “Just once, I would like to hear you use the word “we”. Because we’re all rooting for you from the sidelines, hoping that you’ll decide whatever you think is right for our lives.” (Joan Harris)

S6/E06 (30:29): “I wanna do whatever I can to make sure you do not fail. Then you can jump from the balcony and fly to work. Like superman.” (Megan Draper)

S6/E06 (33:40): “You can walk out like a man, or I can have you thrown out like the lowlife you are.” (Tom Vogel)

S6/E06 (38:00): “This is a car for the young and the young-at-hearts. Because today, nobody knows where they’re headed, but they’re not afraid what’s around the bend. Power plus design equals adventure. Throw the map out the window and hit the road, Jack. And then I sing this song.” (Ted Chaough)

S6/E06 (38:25): “Just music, people’s faces, all kinds: teenagers, dads, moms, different expressions of wonder. What could this possibly be? It’s so new, this combination of power, technology, comfort and price that it’s impossible to imagine. But not at Chevy. The future is something you haven’t even thought of yet. You run that for a week, then you finally show the car.” (Don Draper)

S6/E07 (10:30): “A lot of times in life you get to do something and you don’t realize until it’s over how much you enjoyed it. And you swear that that next time it comes around you’re gonna remember that.” (Roger Sterling)

S6/E07 (31:19): “If I wait patiently by the river, the body of my enemy will float by.” (Frank Gleason)

S6/E07 (40:45): “It’s easy to give up something when you’re satisfied.” (Don Draper)

S6/E07 (40:49): “It’s easy to give up something when you’re ashamed.” (Sylvia Rosen)

S6/E08 (37:06): “I keep thinking about the basic principle of advertising: there’s entertainment and you stick the ad in the middle of the entertainment, like a little respite. It’s a bargain. They’re getting the entertainment for free, all they need to do is listen to the message. But what if they don’t take the bargain at all? What if they’re suddenly bored of the entertainment? What if they turn off the TV?” (Don Draper)

S6/E08 (44:20): “Every time we get a car, this place turns into a whorehouse.” (Don Draper)

S6/E09 (31:14): “The poor girl. She doesn’t know that loving you is the worst way to get to you.” (Betty Draper)

S6/E10 (05:02): “We’re conquistadors. I’m Vasco da Gama and you’re some other Mexican. We’re gonna land there, buy whatever they’ve got for the beats in our pockets. Our biggest challenge is to not get syphilis.” (Roger Sterling)

S6/E10 (37:01): “You gotta stop talking in the past. You know what I learnt? New York is the center of the universe. We could send a landing craft out there, but they don’t understand what we do. […] My shrink says the job of your life is to know yourself. Sooner or later you’ll start to love who you are. And apparently, I am a curious child, with a full head of hair and a thriving business.” (Roger Sterling)

S6/E12 (16:12): “Any continuity preserves the belief that service has not changed.” (Jim Cutler)

S6/E13 (01:12): “Los Angeles is not what you see in the movies. It’s like Detroit with palm trees.” (Don Draper)